PEEK filaments 

The filaments made of polyether mixture (PEEK) enriched with abrasive additives. From the point of view of the thermal endurance, stiffness and incorporating of different granularity of synthetic diamonds, silicone carbide (SiC), CBN or AL2O3 it goes about revolutionary application concept. The uniformly grain distribution from rough #36 up to the finest #15000 makes possible the wide range of polishing, from high-performance to specular gloss. The main difference against the abrasive aramid filaments HTF3 is higher elasticity, that means HTF5 filament is more suitable for applications with higher mechanical load. The higher flexibility also enables higher part of abrasive particles up to 23%, against 14% at abrasive aramid filaments HTF3.

Advantages of abrasive PEEK filaments HTF5

  • multiple higher lifetime (according to the application field more than denary) in comparison with e.g. diamond brushing belts
  • substantially lower operating costs
  • self-cleaning effect of the tools (HiT-Brushes)
  • when being used it doesn´t get to getting round of the tools, it means uniform and even wear and tear of the brush surface
  • the outline treatment with the help of an exact formed tool
  • thickness and grain variability of the brush mounting
  • self-sharpening effect due to uniformly spread out diamond particles or silicone carbide
  • thermal endurance from -35°C up to 260°C
  • good filament features even when exposed to long-term high temperatures
  • excellent form stability
  • outstanding abradability and stiffness even by high temperatures
  • excellent chemical resistance against chemical substances
  • incombustibility UL94 V0

Abrasive PEEK filaments HTF5

Standard products

Grit (mesh #) 15000 8000 4000 3000 2000 1500 1000 800 600 500 320 240 120 80 46
Minimal filament diameter 0.25 mm 0.30 mm 0.35 mm 0.40 mm 0.70 mm
Max. abrasive concentration 6% 10% 23%

Other diameter on request.


  • without pigments (natural) – beige
  • with pigments – black, grey

Filament version

  • straight filament
  • crimped filament


Technical brushes intended for

  • superfinishing
  • deburring
  • polishing
  • structuring

We deliver the filaments already from minimal amount 1 kg for an order. If filaments for test purposes are needed, then we can deliver even smaller amount. The filament are packed in a PVC foil in the length of 1,5m and a diameter of about 35mm.