Rounding of edges

The abrasive brushes from aramid filament HTF3 or PEEK HTF5 are an ideal tool for rounding of product edges especially for these reasons

  • elimination of injury risk or threat of the operator safety
  • ensurance of the right product functionality
  • extantion of the product lifetime
  • reproducibility of the rounding results


Thanks to a big amount of abrasive grains and a high flexibility it comes to an outstanding removing of the edge on the product. With the help of our products it is possible to make an exact defined radius on the workpiece.

Through a suitable combination of abrasives (synthetic diamonds, SiC, AL2O3 or CBN), their part in the filament and the diameter of the filament we can achieve the maximal tool capacity. A unique flexibility and a high abrasive resistance of our filaments make the usage of the abrasive brushes not only in common operations possible, but also in the most complicated cases like.

With the help of the individual filament peaks which contain cutting edges of abrasive material it comes to even workpiece machining, no secondary edges arise, it doesn´t even come to dimensional shrinkage of the workpiece. The unique fixation way of the abrasive grains in the filament makes the self-sharpening effect of the brush. Our products are suitable for rounding of edges both in the wet and in the dry up to 260°C.


Among the key features of our products by rounding of edges belong

  • edge rounding by customer request
  • long lifetime of the brushes
  • reproducibility of the results
  • self-sharpening effect of the brushes


Our products are suitable for edge rounding of the following materials

  • steel and its alloys including stainless steel
  • cast iron
  • non-ferrous metals
  • ceramics
  • plastic
  • glass


We will propose an optimal solution directly for your concrete application field!