Heat Resistant

PEEK filaments HTF4 

The filaments are made of polyether mixture (PEEK) and they are characterized in outstanding features by high temperatures and by applications in chemically aggressive solvents. The filaments are abrasive resistant and the same time they feature very good results in their application in brushes. In comparison with heat-resistant aramid filaments HTF2 they feature higher flexibility and they are suitable for application in all brushes whose filaments are more mechanically exposed.


Advantages of the heat-resistant PEEK filaments HTF4

  • heat resistance from -35°C to 260°C
  • high abrasive-resistance
  • chemically resistant
  • outstanding elasticity and flexibility
  • resistance to deformation
  • clean polymer without additives
  • incombustibility UL94 V0
  • approved for contact with foods (FDA)
  • ideal for the production of the stapled, twisted and glued brushes

Heat Resistant PEEK filaments HTF4

Standard products

diameter (mm)
0,15 0,20 0,30 0,40 0,50 0,60 0,70 0,80 1,00

Other diameters on request.


  • without pigments (natural) – beige
  • other colours on request

Filament version

  • straight filament
  • crimped filament


Technical brushes intended for

  • transport and washing of food (FDA)
  • transport of hot products
  • PCB and SMT cleaning
  • cleaning and hoovering of hot machines
  • deburring of plastic castings
  • protection against heat or out-flying shavings while drilling or grinding (laths)
  • fixation of products

We deliver the filaments already from minimal amount 1 kg for an order. If filaments for test purposes are needed, then we can deliver even smaller amount. The filament are packed in a PVC foil in the length of 1,5m and a diameter of about 35mm.