Other applications

The brushes from heat-resistant aramid filaments HTF2 are used in a wide range of applications. They are mostly used in application fields where a big emphasis is laid on heat-resistance

  • transport of hot products (conveyor belts)
  • cleaning of injection moulds
  • deburring of plastic castings
  • perforation of the foil used for food
  • protection against warmth or out-flying shavings while drilling or grinding (laths)
  • fixation of products


Brushes made of heat-resistant filaments PEEK HTF4 are except the higher mentioned applications in particular used in food industry because they meet the strict requirements for the contact with food FDA. They are mostly used for

  • cleaning and washing of food
  • food transport
  • protection against falling and damage of food
  • cleaning of grills, bakery ovens and cooking plates


The abrasive brushes made of the aramid filament HTF3 or PEEK HTF5 can be used for

  • polishing of steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, ceramics, stone, plastic
  • cleaning
  • removing of rust or old paints
  • wood structuring


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